Family Bible Study Toolkit: Bible Study Resource Bundle

Do you long to experience God in a fresh and practical way?

Are you short on time, but BIG on desire to grow in your relationship with God?

Do you want to read the Bible, but need a guide for how to study Scripture?

Are you searching for practical resources to make family devotionals engaging and meaningful?

My breaking point…

Four years ago I sat in my living room at the break of dawn as an exhausted and frustrated special needs mom.  I was weary to the core and desperate to hear from God.

I needed His joy to rekindle my passion for life and I needed His Holy presence to transform my heart.  For the first time on my own, I opened my Bible and began to read. I had NO idea what I was doing, but God met me in my brokenness.

Honestly, I didn’t expect a daily date with God to transform every. single. relationship. in my life. But it did.

  • Stronger marriage- check
  • Deeper connection with my kids- check
  • A renewed joy and zest for life- check

YOUR confession has been heard…

Yet, I’m learning that my story is not unique.  Pleas from women longing to experience the Lord have been flooding my inbox and apparently, women like YOU can not only identify with my situation, but are experiencing the same thing.

You’ve shared that you are….

  • Desperate to hear from God, too.
  • Short on time and need to know how to squeeze a quiet time into your busy life.
  • In need practical resources to guide your Bible study (so you don’t fumble through Bible study like I did!)
  • Searching for ways to make family devotions engaging and meaningful for the whole family.

The SIMPLE Bible Study Solution

Searching for a practical way to make my quiet time more meaningful and to fit it in my busy schedule, I created Bible study templates that acted as my study guide and road map. These powerful Bible study resources took the guess work out of how I studied the Bible and guided me to deeper understanding of God’s Word. 

You, too, can make your personal and family devotionals simple and practical with Bible study templates for the whole family. For your studying ease, 40+ of my Bible study templates have been bundled together in one practical resource for women, children and men:

The Family Bible Study Toolkit

The Family Bible Study Toolkit will:

> Encourage spiritual growth in the areas of prayer, Bible study methods, Scripture study, Bible journaling and more for the whole family (kids, too!)

> Equip kids and adults with practical Bible study resources that fit into a busy schedule.

> Excite kids with FUN and CREATIVE activities that ignite a passion for the Lord.

> Educate children, men and women with simple Bible study methods (Write the Word, Read and Respond, Topical Study, Verse Mapping and Book of the Bible study).

Help your whole family grow in faith with The Family Bible Study Toolkit. It offers 40 + printable resources to equip your family to grow in faith.

What comes in the Family Bible Study Toolkit?

This massive bundle of Bible study resources is compiled of three printable packs:

> The Bible Study Tool Kit for Kids (20+ pages)

> Women’s Bible Study Templates (10+ pages)

> Men’s Bible Study Templates (10 pages)

What is included in each of the printable packs?

The Bible Study Toolkit for Kids

The Women’s Bible Study Templates include:

The Men’s Bible Study Templates include:

Do you need just one or two sections of the Family Bible Study Toolkit? 

You can now purchase each pack individually!

The Bible Study Toolkit for Kids

The Women’s Bible Study Templates

The Men’s Bible Study Templates

You’re one step away from deeper faith…

Friend, you no longer have to stay spiritually stuck!  You can learn to dig deep in God’s Word for yourself and experience the promises for yourself by reading the Bible. 

Let The Family Bible Study Toolkit transform your spiritual life and the life of your family with:

  • Quick and practical Bible study methods
  • Simple templates that fit into your busy schedule
  • A road map for Bible study reading
  • Interactive activities for the whole family

Plus, you’ll forgo the need for other devotionals since you’ll be equipped to go through God’s Word on your own.

The Family Bible Study Toolkit is changing families around the globe! Read the powerful testimonials below:

“My husband and I are committed to studying the Bible with our kids. But, when we finish one Bible study book and don’t have another one to jump into, we quickly get… stuck. Days, weeks, even months can go by while we flounder with family Bible study – simply because we lack a plan. Now, thanks to the Family Bible Study Toolkit, we have a plan for those in between times. I would highly recommend this product to any Christian family!”

Anna Joy, writer at Path Through the Narrow Gate

” I am a busy mom of two young kids and I homeschool. Sometimes I neglect my own spiritual growth to care for others and my quiet time gets pushed out of the way. But I VOWED this year to spend more time in God’s Word, and The Family Bible Study Toolkit will help me do just that! Thank you for a practical product.” Lisa, Stay-at-home-mom

“As a full-time working mom, I am always short on time. I was interested in the 10- Minute Bible Study Solution because I ONLY have about 10-15 minutes to read the Bible. Thanks for making it simple!” Katrina, Banker

“Quiet times truly have become more attractive for me now (it was getting to be a bit of a chore) and I’m thankful I bought your templates.” Erica, Life Coach at Passionfruitful Life

If you want to make growing in faith easy…

If you want to experience the ease and convenience of a Bible study road map, there has never been a better time to grab your copy of the Family Bible Study Toolkit!

For less than the price of a meal out, the whole family will be equipped with practical tools to make spiritual growth a reality in your home.

The Family Bible Study Toolkit is only $18.99 

The time for spiritual renewal is NOW!

There’s nothing better that a woman can do for her family than to take practical steps to recharge her relationship with the Lord.

I invite you to experience a deeper walk with God through the practical templates in the Family Bible Study Toolkit.

Watch your relationship with the Lord bloom and experience a renewed passion for Bible study like never before. Then, watch your reignited passion burn deep and spread to your family, sparking revival in your relationships.

 Spiritual growth is only one click away!  You can do it!

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