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Make Over Your Family Bible Study Challenge

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It was the break of dawn, and the sun had not yet graced the sky with its presence.  Dew glistened on the lawn, sparkling like gems in the predawn light.

There I sat, clutching my coffee and my Bible, willing the sleepy fog away.  I had great intentions to spend time in prayer and dive into Scripture, yet in my haze, I was stumped.

What should I read in Bible?

Do I remember what I read yesterday? 

Who am I supposed to pray for?

Frustrated, I sat confused  and wondered how to grow in faith by reading my Bible.  I longed to become a woman of biblical wisdom, but with every passing minute (and trust me, time was limited!), I lacked direction.  As a result, my quiet time was lackluster and I missed a deep connection with God.

Then, fast forward 12 rushed and hurried hours later, to our family devotion time.  Once again I sat with the Bible open and was haunted with feelings of inadequacy and frustration.  Honestly, the kids were crying and I was on the verge of tears, myself. This was a disaster.

For the second time that day, I found myself face to face with the desire to grow myself and family with deep roots of faith, yet something was missing.

Does this sound familiar?  Do you, like me, long to grow spiritually, but find that things just don’t ‘click’?  If so, you’re not alone. According to a 2016 study by American Bible.org, “And although just one-third of Americans profess to reading the Bible at least once per week, the majority of Americans (62 percent) express a desire to read the Bible more often.”

Wow! So many long for a deeper connection to the heart of God. yet these stumbling blocks stand in the way.

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Common Bible study road blocks

The majority of individuals and families who long to grow spiritually run into these common problems for making it happen.

  • Lack of time
  • Intimidation and lack of knowledge
  • There’s no plan for Bible study
  • A quiet time is not a priority
  • Lack of quality and easy study resources

Hope for your {family} Bible study

Whether you’ve studied the Bible for years or are a complete novice (hey, everyone starts somewhere!), there is a hope for your quiet time!   You can learn practical techniques to having a deep and healthy relationship with God.

Join the Make Over Your Family Bible Study Challenge

This FREE 5 day workshop offers practical Bible study tips and techniques for the whole family.  This mini-e-course will help you:

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> Determine the secret to consistent Bible study and prayer (even for families!)

> Explore creative and FUN ways to grow in faith (for kids, too!)

> Create a practical Bible study plan for the whole family

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