FREE Make Over Your Family Bible Study Challenge

Do you long to grow in your walk with the Lord, but need practical ideas to spur you on?

Are your family Bible studies hectic and chaotic, with no real plan?

Do you want to learn creative, but practical ways the whole family can dig deeper into God’s Word?

Join the FREE Make Over Your Family Bible Study Challenge!

Join the FREE Makeover Your Family Bible Study Challenge workshop! You'll get practical Bible study ideas and resources for the whole family. Make growing in faith easy and fun!


This FREE 5 day workshop offers practical Bible study tips and techniques for the whole family.

This mini-e-course will help you:

> Evaluate your current personal and family Bible study with an easy assessment tool

> Learn EASY and QUICK  Bible study techniques for both personal and family Bible study

> Determine the secret to consistent Bible study and prayer (even for families!)

> Explore creative and FUN ways to grow in faith (for kids, too!)

> Create a simple and practical Bible study plan for the whole family!

Join above to connect with God in a fresh and powerful way!

About Sarah Ann

Welcome to Faith Along the Way! I am a redeemed child of God and perfectly imperfect in every area of my life. Wife to Hubs, we've battled the storms of Cancer, infertility, adoption & Autism together the past 10 years and praise God for his continued guidance. I hope you'll join us on this journey through life as we trust God with faith along the way.