Do you find yourself needing an attitude adjustment in your motherhood journey? Here's how you can thrive and conquer big emotions for good! | attitude adjustment | stress relief | christian motherhood | parenting | self care || Faith Along the Way #momlife #selfcare #stress

When Mom Needs an Attitude Adjustment

Hanging by the back door of my childhood home was the embroidered sign reading, "If Mama Ain't Happy, Ain't Nobody Happy!" Now as a mom myself, ...

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What to Do When Your Husband Disappoints You

Have you had times throughout your marriage when your husband has disappointed you? Of course you still respect him, you still love him, you still ...

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Core Conversations for Your Marriage

Hubs and I love to joke around at home and keep the atmosphere lighthearted.  Neither one of us are confrontational and we'd soon avoid a subject ...

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25 Frugal Fall Date Nights

I look forward to fall every single year. The leaves are falling, the air is cooling, and it makes me want to just spend my nights snuggled by the ...

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7 Habits of a Healthy Marriage

Growing up, my grandparents were a rock-solid couple no matter what life handed to them.  After 65 years of marriage, their love has weathered many ...

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Keep your marriage strong with these simple ways to love your spouse well. These practical tips will help keep your relationship strong and your marriage on solid ground.

50 Ways to Love Your Spouse Well

As a newly engaged woman, I used to dream about our life together.  Having lived in separate towns for our entire relationship, the thought of ...

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To the Unsatisfied Wife

To the Unsatisfied Wife, Valentine's Day is a not so distant memory, as you browsed social media, finding picture after picture of grand gestures of ...

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How to Support Your Husband Through Anything

In almost fourteen years of marriage, Hubs and I have faced more challenges than some couples face in a lifetime. A year and a half into our ...

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How to Keep Your Marriage from Being Hijacked by Your Kids

From the minute you said "I Do" as a blushing bride, you had visions of a lifetime of wedded bliss. You just knew that your marriage would be red ...

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Unite your family with a strong family bond. These ideas will help!

10 Ways to Have a Strong Family Bond

It was a rushed and hurried afternoon. Playing the role of the frazzled mom, I had precious little time to finish the laundry before starting dinner. ...

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Take the 28 Days of Blessing Your Spouse Challenge & watch your marriage bloom!

28 Days of Blessing Your Spouse Challenge

I'm a hopeless romantic at heart, so when February rolls around, I get as excited as a school girl for Valentine's Day. While I am all about a day of ...

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