The Christian Alternative to Elf on the Shelf

(Please note, I was given a copy of The Shepherd's Treasure to review, but the opinions expressed are all my own.) Christmas is filled with magic ...

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Bless Others with a FREE Kindness Kit

I was browsing through a crowded store when confronted by pushing and hurried strangers.  It seems as though everyone was on a mission, and demons...

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There is such a blessing when a parent says no, yet it's not popular. How do you set boundaries for your children?

The Blessing of a Parent that Says No

Mindlessly surfing the web, I stumbled upon an article that had me riveted from moment one.  Surprisingly, this post described various ways parents ...

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5 Ways to Play with Your Kids When You Hate to Play

True confession time. I cheat at Candy Land. I've been known to throw a game of Chutes and Ladders too. Especially when I land on that super-...

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These 3 tips will help you understand the importance of responding your child's heart and not just their actions.

3 Reasons to Respond to Your Child’s Heart Before Their Actions

"Mom, just let me explain." "I don't want to hear your excuses right now." "But Mom, please, just listen for a second." You admit it --- ...

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How to Help Your Children Become Great Friends

As a mother to seven children, I can say that one of the greatest desires of my heart is that my children would not only be siblings, but also close ...

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Instead of seeing the struggles, focus on these simple blessings of raising a difficult child. They will transform your parenting.

The Blessing of Raising a Difficult Child

As a veteran teacher, I just knew I would never parent the out-of-control child.  An expert at parenting before I was even a mom, I admit I was smug ...

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These truths will change your parenting, even on the hard days.

5 Truths that will Transform Your Parenting

(This post does contain affliliate links, and if you choose to purchase, I will make a commission which supports this blog. Please visit the disclo...

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3 Steps to Help Your Children Find Their Passions

Oh, mama, I can hear your sigh at the title. Great, another post about how I'm not doing enough. Before we even begin let me clarify one thing: ...

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The Day I Let My Daughter Into the Chocolate Club

Teen girls. Two words that are innocent enough on their own, but when combined, they can pack quite the punch. If you have ever known a teen girl, I ...

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7 Fall Educational Activities for Preschoolers

Fall is almost here!!! It's my FAVORITE season and I love EVERYTHING about it!  After all, it brings pumpkins, falling leaves, sweaters, cozy ...

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