Do you find yourself needing an attitude adjustment in your motherhood journey? Here's how you can thrive and conquer big emotions for good! | attitude adjustment | stress relief | christian motherhood | parenting | self care || Faith Along the Way #momlife #selfcare #stress

When Mom Needs an Attitude Adjustment

Hanging by the back door of my childhood home was the embroidered sign reading, "If Mama Ain't Happy, Ain't Nobody Happy!" Now as a mom myself, ...

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Secrets to Hosting an Epic Family Game Night

As a child, many of my memories with my parents and siblings involved family game night.  Fondly, I remember how those times of laughter and love ...

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Help your child have a successful school year with practical tips from a veteran teacher.

20 Strategies for a Successful School Year

The leaves are starting to fall and sometimes there is a break in this southern humidity as I feel a breeze rustle my hair.  We are busy counting ...

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30 Days of Prayer for the New School Year

It's that time of year where new clothes are purchased and organized  supplies are awaiting the big event; the first day of school. Whether you ...

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Mom’s Back-to-School Printable Pack

As we celebrate the close of summer, I am amazed how these days have flown by!  While we've had wonderful family times together and I've snapped ...

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The #1 Way to Connect with Your Child

“Mom, will you play with me?”  “Watch this, mom!”  “Mom, let me show you THIS!” These are a few phrases on repeat in my house all. ...

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4 Simple Ways to Teach Your Kids About God Through Nature

One of our greatest blessings as mothers is the privilege to teach our children about God. It's a weighty blessing --- one that we are constantly ...

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40 Ways to Make Memories with Kids

The day we brought our daughter home from the hospital, still reeling from her miraculous adoption story, I marveled at her tiny size.  I kissed ...

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The Simple Bible Study Routine for Kids

Sometimes being a parent resembles a juggling act in the circus.  As the master ring leader, I'm supposed to keep everyone tame and calm. Yet ...

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Unite your family with a strong family bond. These ideas will help!

10 Ways to Have a Strong Family Bond

It was a rushed and hurried afternoon. Playing the role of the frazzled mom, I had precious little time to finish the laundry before starting dinner. ...

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If these signs sound familiar, your family Bible study plan needs an overhaul. Here's the free resource you need to take back your family Bible study.

10 Signs Your Family Bible Study Plan Needs an Overhaul

You had every intention of growing your children in faith through sweet, family devotional time.  Loving the Lord yourself, you planned to raise ...

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