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Help your child have a successful school year with practical tips from a veteran teacher.

20 Strategies for a Successful School Year

The leaves are starting to fall and sometimes there is a break in this southern humidity as I feel a breeze rustle my hair.  We are busy counting ...

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30 Days of Prayer for the New School Year

It's that time of year where new clothes are purchased and organized  supplies are awaiting the big event; the first day of school. Whether you ...

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Mom’s Back-to-School Printable Pack

As we celebrate the close of summer, I am amazed how these days have flown by!  While we've had wonderful family times together and I've snapped ...

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The #1 Way to Connect with Your Child

“Mom, will you play with me?”  “Watch this, mom!”  “Mom, let me show you THIS!” These are a few phrases on repeat in my house all. ...

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7 Habits of a Healthy Marriage

Growing up, my grandparents were a rock-solid couple no matter what life handed to them.  After 65 years of marriage, their love has weathered many ...

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Keep your marriage strong with these simple ways to love your spouse well. These practical tips will help keep your relationship strong and your marriage on solid ground.

50 Ways to Love Your Spouse Well

As a newly engaged woman, I used to dream about our life together.  Having lived in separate towns for our entire relationship, the thought of ...

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Bible Journaling Secrets for the Busy Woman

I admit that when I was first introduced to Bible journaling, I immediately knew it wasn't for me.  After all, I'm a terrible artist and my plate ...

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20 Fun Family Games & Activities

You've been looking forward to a night of family games, but now that it's here, you need ideas to make it memorable and engaging. Does that sound ...

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Don't let family dinner stay a disaster. These practical tips will help you calm the chaos and make the most our of your precious family time.

When Family Dinner is a Mess (and How to Fix it!)

When dinner time rolled around, this tired mom used to inwardly sigh and groan.  Honestly, I didn't enjoy the food stand-offs or the endless child ...

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Christian Father’s Day Printable

With Father's Day on the horizon, it's the perfect time to show dad how much you care.  This Christian Father's Day printable a great way to express ...

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5 Mom Mantras to Repeat Throughout the Summer

It's the most wonderful time of the year; summer break. Even so, with extra together time and a shift in routine, life can become a little more ...

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