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Don't let the weight of the world get you down! Here's why Christian women need to take a break and make self-care a priority. take a break I self care I stress relief I self care routine I Christian women II Faith Along the Way #selfcare #stressmanagement #stress

3 Reasons Christian Women Need to Take a Break

It's easy to get lost in the monotonous and mundane of life. Before long, you find yourself going through the motions with a half-hearted spirit. ...

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You don't have to be afraid to share your faith! Christian women can be confident in their abilities to share the Gospel with those around them! I share your faith I share the gospel I share the gospel ideas I Christian women I missionary ideas II Faith Along the Way #missionary #faith #friendship

How to Share Your Faith {When You’re Terrified!}

I am a lover of words and fabulous conversation.  Sharing life and baring my soul with friends, even strangers, makes me tick and come alive. I can ...

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How Renew Your Mind and Spirit When You’re Weary to the Core

It was a busy season of life and I was spread thin. I was worn weary from juggling life's responsibilities and making sure everyone had their needs ...

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Core Conversations for Your Marriage

Hubs and I love to joke around at home and keep the atmosphere lighthearted.  Neither one of us are confrontational and we'd soon avoid a subject ...

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How to Change Your Life with a Planner (When You’ve Failed in the Past)

Using a planner to organize your life sounds like (and is!) a wonderful thing.  Wistfully, you dream of having your deadlines, appointments, and ...

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Christmas Family Fun Activity Cards- Free Printable

Celebrate this special season with these fun Christmas activity cards!  Put them into a bag or jar and have the kids choose an activity each day ...

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Make memories to last a lifetime with these creative family gift ideas!

Family Gift Ideas to Promote Fun and Unity

Tired of the same old family fun routine? I have created a list of  family gift ideas so you can break out of your rut and do something creative. ...

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Best Gifts for Christian Women Under $30

As a Christian woman, I am always on the hunt for wonderful faith-based gifts to give to my lovely friends and family. I look for gifts that can be ...

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10 Bible Verses to Inspire Gratitude

In seasons of hardship and struggle, it's often difficult to find reasons to be thankful and to inspire gratitude. But God commands us to "give ...

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How to Thrive When Motherhood is Hard

While motherhood is a beautiful gift, it can also bring seasons of struggle and messy feelings.  There are times when we thrive as a family, and our ...

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Don't let your time in God's Word suffer during the holidays. Here's how to keep your relationship striving during this stressful season!

How to Stay in the Word During the Holidays

Let's be honest. . . When life is overwhelming, it's incredibly tempting to cut out our daily Bible study. It doesn't seem logical to do something ...

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