Welcome, friends!  I’m Sarah Ann..


I was saved by grace at the young age of 15, and have pursued a relationship following Jesus ever since! Although my life has been far from perfect and filled with moments of stepping away from my faith, God welcomed me back with open arms each time, ready to grow me in ways I could never have dreamed.

Married to the love of my life since 2003, known around here affectionately as Hubs, we have faced many trials and tribulations at an early age. Two years into our marriage, Hubs was diagnosed with cancer, and a year and a half later, the unwelcome disease returned. But praise the Lord, He has been in remission for eight years! THAT’s a reason to celebrate!

We’ve had the honor of raising our two beautiful children together, Joy and Bubs, who God gifted to us through the beauty of adoption.

Our Joy is on the Autism Spectrum, but is making great strides in her communication and behavior.

Bubs was diagnosed with delayed development in the area of Social and Emotional Behavior in the Fall of 2015, and we are hanging on to the grace and mercy of the Lord to parent him with understanding and patience despite his stubborn personality and strong will. (I just know that strong will come in handy for him one day!)

While life in our home may be chaotic and unpredictable, we trust that God has a plan and cling to the hope of His Word to face whatever battles come our way.


When I’m not busy chasing after children or calming tantrums, I love relaxing with a good book, long conversations with authentic friends. spending time with family, diving into God’s Word, and just maybe if I’m lucky, I’ll have the opportunity to sneak away for some bargain hunting!

I started Faith Along the Way to share the way God has moved on our behalf the past 10 years of our life and how He’s refined me through trials and tribulations. He’s brought me through storm after storm, and I have learned that no matter the situation, He is faithful to never lead my side. While I can honestly say that I wouldn’t have chosen a few of the paths He chose for me, He was my guide every step of the way.

I am beyond humbled to be used as a servant of the One True King, and pray that this ministry points others to the cross while offering an honest glimpse into everyday life and struggles. It’s never my intention to feign perfection, but to give glory to the One Who Gives Me Hope. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for reading!

Our mission:

Helping busy women thrive in faith, family, & home.