• Keep your marriage strong with these simple ways to love your spouse well. These practical tips will help keep your relationship strong and your marriage on solid ground.

50 Ways to Love Your Spouse Well

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As a newly engaged woman, I used to dream about our life together.  Having lived in separate towns for our entire relationship, the thought of seeing my love on a daily basis was thrilling.  I imagined long chats each night before we finally snuggled into bed.  Honestly, I wondered how I would even work since I was so head over heels in love with my man.

Looking back I admit that I laugh a bit at my naive self.  While our marriage has been the highlight of my life, we are hardly giddy newlyweds anymore. Those long, fireside chats I imagined don’t happen nearly as often as I would like. And honestly, as we fall into bed each night exhausted by life, we don’t snuggle as much as I had fantasized.

However, through our years of battling cancer, infertility and Autism, we’ve learned how to love sacrificially.  While marriage may not be the passionate affair I once imagined, what we have now is even better. Through every season and storm life threw our way, we learned these 50 ways to truly love each other well.

50 Ways to Love Your Spouse Well

  1. Write a love note
  2. Have simple, yet fun in-home dates
  3. Protect your spouse’s rest and give him/her time to relax
  4. Guard your tongue
  5. Surprise him/her at work with lunch
  6. Get intimate!!!
  7. Watch his/her favorite movie (without complaining)
  8. Do his/her least favorite chore
  9. Send a text to say, “I love you”
  10. Leave a surprise or note in his/her car
  11. Set the coffee to brew (or surprise them with his/her favorite drink)
  12. Ask him/her about their day
  13. Smile often and “just because”
  14. Kiss and hug upon greeting
  15. Call if you’re running late
  16. Pray for him/her regularly
  17. Watch your tone of voice
  18. Choose your words carefully
  19. Give grace (even when it’s not deserved or expected)
  20. Don’t nag
  21. Pray Scripture over him/her
  22. Dress to impress once and awhile
  23. Surprise him/her with a date night
  24. Give him the night off and to spend with friends
  25. Do a chore without being asked
  26. Give a massage
  27. Listen carefully
  28. Hold his/her hand
  29. Do his/her favorite hobby (even if it’s not yours!)
  30. Leave a Bible verse on the mirror
  31. Be silly and make him/her laugh
  32. Snuggle
  33. Put on some music and have an impromptu dance at home
  34. Pay him/her a compliment
  35. Listen to his/her dreams
  36. Regularly evaluate your relationship
  37. Learn his/her love language and find ways to meet it
  38. Try something new together
  39. Let go of hurt and grudges
  40. Support his/her dreams
  41. Look for ways to serve
  42. Be his/her biggest fan
  43. Show respect
  44. Brag on him/her to others
  45. Be the best spouse you can be
  46. Never stop trying to make the other person happy
  47. Practice humility
  48. Put his/her needs above your own
  49. Connect your hearts by doing a Bible study as a couple
  50. Be his/her safe place and the first person they run to

The simplicity of these ideas can help any marriage realign their hearts and refocus their priorities.  Even when life is hectic and schedules are chaotic, a busy couple can easily love their mate well by putting a few of these ideas into practice.  Choose one or two to focus on, and watch your relationship bloom as you make each other a priority once again.

How do you love your spouse well?

Do you have a strategy for making your spouse a priority?

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Welcome to Faith Along the Way! I am a redeemed child of God and perfectly imperfect in every area of my life. Wife to Hubs, we've battled the storms of Cancer, infertility, adoption & Autism together the past 10 years and praise God for his continued guidance. I hope you'll join us on this journey through life as we trust God with faith along the way.

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