Help your whole family grow in faith with The Family Bible Study Toolkit. It offers 40 + printable resources to equip your family to grow in faith.

The Family Bible Study Toolkit: 40+ Devotional Resources

Life can be hectic and chaotic.  The modern adult is racing from one activity to the next and feels pushed and pulled in 1,000 different directions. ...

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How to Read the Bible (When You Don’t Know Where to Start)

My house is a zoo 99% of the time. My kids are either fighting over a coveted toy, whining for a snack or just being rambunctious kids.  Even ...

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How to Keep Your Marriage from Being Hijacked by Your Kids

From the minute you said "I Do" as a blushing bride, you had visions of a lifetime of wedded bliss. You just knew that your marriage would be red ...

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Easy Ways to Share the Gospel as a Family

Before we adopted our two precious children, I had grand visions of how life would be.  We would be the family that spent our nights digging into ...

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Unite your family with a strong family bond. These ideas will help!

10 Ways to Have a Strong Family Bond

It was a rushed and hurried afternoon. Playing the role of the frazzled mom, I had precious little time to finish the laundry before starting dinner. ...

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If these signs sound familiar, your family Bible study plan needs an overhaul. Here's the free resource you need to take back your family Bible study.

10 Signs Your Family Bible Study Plan Needs an Overhaul

You had every intention of growing your children in faith through sweet, family devotional time.  Loving the Lord yourself, you planned to raise ...

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Take the 28 Days of Blessing Your Spouse Challenge & watch your marriage bloom!

28 Days of Blessing Your Spouse Challenge

I'm a hopeless romantic at heart, so when February rolls around, I get as excited as a school girl for Valentine's Day. While I am all about a day of ...

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Don't let Martyr Mom Attitude fill you with guilt and wreck your family. This prayer will help refocus your heart again!

A Prayer for Martyr Mom Attitude

Dear Lord, Humbly I confess that I've been suffering from Martyr Mom Attitude.  I recognize that my demeanor has been less than stellar as I've ...

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When Fear Invades Your Family

Fear is sneaky. Frequently used as a tool of the evil one, fear threatens to destroy a family's foundation of faith and trust. And there he lurks, ...

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When You’re Wondering What’s Next in Life

There you are waiting and wondering what's next for your life.  You've always been a list maker, someone who's lived in the future, planning and ...

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When Being a P31 Woman is Hard

I have a confession.  For years I've been baffled by the daunting roles of the P31 Woman.  Upon reading her accomplishments and tasks in Proverbs ...

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