How to Deal With Stress Without Anger

"I blew it with my four-year-old yesterday. Her constant whining wears me down." "I'm pregnant with my third and the hormones are raging!" "My ...

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How Siblings Become Best Friends

I would guess that all parents want their children to become each other's best friends. The question is how do siblings become best friends? ...

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Give your children the gift of setting and achieving goals with two free printables. Watch your children bloom and grow as they learn to set goals and achieve them, too!

3 Steps to Setting Goals with Your Kids

Being married to an Executive Coach, means setting yearly goals at the beginning of each year. This year as I began the process, the thought occurred ...

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What to Do When Your Teen is Struggling with Their Faith

“If our kids never struggle with their faith, they will have borrowed convictions.” –Josh McDowell I was raised in a Christian home. My mom ...

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Teach your child how to manage those messy feelings and learn to make better choices in behavior.

Helping a Child Who Struggles with Poor Behavior

There you are in the grocery store, trying to shop peacefully, when your child erupts in fit of screams and launches into a world-class meltdown. ...

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Teaching your child to pray isn't complicated and these simple tips will help your child grow in faith.

Introducing Your Child to Prayer

As far back as my memories go, Jesus has always been an ever-present figure in my life. I don't remember the exact day that my family introduced me ...

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A family that practices these 7 characteristics will forge a strong family bond. Is your family this strong?

7 Characteristics of a Strong Family

In 1858 Abraham Lincoln began his most memorable speech with these words: "A house divided against itself cannot stand." Lincoln, of course, was ...

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The One Thing Your Family Needs to Succeed

A few years ago a question popped into my head and has been churning around in it ever since. "What is the one thing that makes a family successful? ...

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My 5 Favorite Ways to Pray for My Kids

Prayer. It's one of the best and most impactful things that we can do for our children. No matter their age, their stage of life, or what is ...

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How to Connect with Your Teens (Even if They Don’t Want to Connect with You)

"How was school today" "Fine." "Do you have any homework?" Grunt. "Is something wrong?" "Nope. I'm going to my room." If you have a ...

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5 Ways to Lose Your Child’s Heart

It seems that many parents are concerned about winning their child’s heart, yet great measures need to be taken not to lose your child’s heart ...

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