When You’re Wondering What’s Next in Life

There you are waiting and wondering what's next for your life.  You've always been a list maker, someone who's lived in the future, planning and ...

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When Being a P31 Woman is Hard

I have a confession.  For years I've been baffled by the daunting roles of the P31 Woman.  Upon reading her accomplishments and tasks in Proverbs ...

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To the Mom Who Wants to Raise Godly Kids

To the Mom Who Wants to Raise Godly Kids, I know you, friend.  While we've never met in person,  I know your heart and how you long to raise ...

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Learn to easy and simple changes to your personal and family Bible study to help you all grow in faith!

Make Over Your Family Bible Study Challenge

It was the break of dawn, and the sun had not yet graced the sky with its presence.  Dew glistened on the lawn, sparkling like gems in the predawn ...

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Mom Prayers for the New Year

The New Year brings on the urge to make resolutions and set goals for ourselves and for our family. We say good-bye to the past and look forward to ...

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Praying the Fruit of the Spirit for Your Mom Heart

Each new day is a gift from God. Another opportunity to worship Him by serving the ones we love. Our husbands, our children, anyone God has placed ...

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To the Woman Who Longs to Change

(Please note, this post does contain affiliate links, and if you choose to purchase through them, the proceeds will be used to fund this blog). To ...

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Start the New Year with a heart bowed before the Lord. Grab this free printable to help!

31 Days of Prayer for the New Year

It's time to make resolutions, set some big goals, and plan ways to be better in the new year, right? Not exactly! While I usually make a few ...

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5 Ways to Have a Christ-Centered Christmas

Have you ever wondered how to pull off having a Christ-Centered Christmas? I have, and let's face it, in today's culture it is really hard!  From ...

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If yo're in a season of waiting on God to answer, here's how to thrive in the waiting room of life.

Waiting: When God is Silent

Tick-tock, tick-tock. Waiting on God's direction when you are desperate for answers can see overwhelming and frustrating.  The longer that God is ...

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Teaching your child to pray isn't complicated and these simple tips will help your child grow in faith.

Introducing Your Child to Prayer

As far back as my memories go, Jesus has always been an ever-present figure in my life. I don't remember the exact day that my family introduced me ...

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