Mom Prayers for the New Year

The New Year brings on the urge to make resolutions and set goals for ourselves and for our family. We say good-bye to the past and look forward to ...

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Praying the Fruit of the Spirit for Your Mom Heart

Each new day is a gift from God. Another opportunity to worship Him by serving the ones we love. Our husbands, our children, anyone God has placed ...

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To the Woman Who Longs to Change

(Please note, this post does contain affiliate links, and if you choose to purchase through them, the proceeds will be used to fund this blog). To ...

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Start the New Year with a heart bowed before the Lord. Grab this free printable to help!

31 Days of Prayer for the New Year

It's time to make resolutions, set some big goals, and plan ways to be better in the new year, right? Not exactly! While I usually make a few ...

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The One Thing You Don’t Want to Miss This Christmas

Dear Friend, Five days until Christmas!!! Can you believe it? Hopefully your shopping list is getting checked off and you can find time to sip on ...

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These practical ways to keep Christ at the center of your Christmas will refocus your heart this holiday season.

Keeping Christ at the Center of Your Christmas

It was the craziest thing. We packed the box just as we had every year. However, when we opened it again on this particular year, something ...

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Don't let your time in God's Word suffer during the holidays. Here's how to keep your relationship striving during this stressful season!

How to Stay in the Word During the Holidays

Let's be honest. . . When life is overwhelming, it's incredibly tempting to cut out our daily Bible study. It doesn't seem logical to do something ...

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Spread Christmas cheer with a blessing bag & DIY Kindness Kit.

Give the Gift of Hope with a Blessing Bag

The Christmas tunes were blaring as I rolled home from Black Friday shopping. My car was loaded with purchases for loved ones, and I was satiated in ...

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5 Ways to Have a Christ-Centered Christmas

Have you ever wondered how to pull off having a Christ-Centered Christmas? I have, and let's face it, in today's culture it is really hard!  From ...

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Bless Others with a FREE Kindness Kit

I was browsing through a crowded store when confronted by pushing and hurried strangers.  It seems as though everyone was on a mission, and demons...

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If yo're in a season of waiting on God to answer, here's how to thrive in the waiting room of life.

Waiting: When God is Silent

Tick-tock, tick-tock. Waiting on God's direction when you are desperate for answers can see overwhelming and frustrating.  The longer that God is ...

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