I’m a hopeless romantic at heart, so when February rolls around, I get as excited as a school girl for Valentine’s Day. While I am all about a day of romance and sweet sentiments, one aspect baffles me about the Hallmark holiday every year.

Marriage is more than one day set aside to honor your spouse. I need to honor my spouse everyday!

But marriage can be hard and with the demands of everyday life, we can easily lose connection with the one we pledged forever.

There is one concept that can reconnect two souls and remind us what true commitment is about.


28 Days of Blessing Your Spouse Challenge Faith Along the Way

Need a reminder of the benefits of serving your spouse?  Check out the The One Word that Will Change Your Marriage and remember what it’s like to selflessly serve your spouse.

In my own marriage I have let serving him fall by the wayside with the busyness of life and I realize that if I am going to bless him every day, I have to be intentional about my actions.

Therefore, I am challenging married couples everywhere to focus on your marriage and serving your spouse for the 28 days of February!  

It’s time to bless your spouse each day and make him your first priority again.

It’s time to be sacrificial with your time and energy, even if these acts of service are not reciprocated.

It’s time to put aside wrongs, extend grace, and show him you’re still committed to the marriage, in the good times and the bad.

Blessing Your Spouse Challenge

May these 28 ways to bless your spouse give you ideas for ways to serve him and may they help you intentionally bless him in the month ahead.

1. Make his favorite meal

2. Write him a love letter

3. Watch a movie he wants, even if it’s something you don’t want to see

4. Put Bible verses on sticky notes on his bathroom mirror to encourage him

5. Be intimate {Yes, sometimes it has to be planned!}

6. Give him a back rub or foot rub

7. Plan a scavenger hunt around the house for a fun surprise

8. Pray with him for specific needs in his life

9. Make his favorite dessert

10. Participate in his favorite activity, even if it’s something you don’t like to do

11. Plan an at home date- The Dating Divas is my favorite place to find creative at home dates

12. Ask him about his dreams for the future, big and small, and how you can support him

13. Let him lead you {Women, you were not meant to be the leader of your house!}

14. Find out his love language and plan ways to serve him accordingly

15. Extend grace as he needs it, without keeping a record of wrong or bringing up the area in which he’s messed up

16. Give him a guys night out

17. Watch your tone of voice and be cautious of how you sound

18. Do his least favorite chore as a surprise

19. Leave encouraging notes in his car, reminding him that you are his biggest fan

20. Quit nagging or at least evaluate your approach to asking for his help

21. Pick your battles! Is it really worth it to nit pick about every little thing?

22. Compliment him

23. Show him respect

24. Get intimate…again!

25. Plan a surprise weekend getaway

26. Let him watch a sporting event uninterrupted {great plan for the Superbowl!}

27. Pack his lunch to take to work

28. In His Bible, put sticky notes of verses you are praying for him

In this challenge, I also encourage you to leave a love note or two, and have a deep conversation about life, love, where you’ve been and where you’re headed together.

These are just a few ideas to get you thinking of ways to serve and show him how much you care.  You know him best, so get brainstorming ways you can make him feel special.

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What are your favorite ways to serve your spouse? I’d love to hear your creative ways you let him know you care!

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